About GTT Group


GTT Group provides a wide range of financial services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, high net worth individuals and families.

The Group investment arm, GTT Capital, invests in a wide range of industries across Europe and Asia and in particular mid-market non-public companies requiring capital for expansion, recapitalization or acquisitions.

In South Asia in particular GTT Capital has been involved in very successful venture capital investments in the Food & Beverage industry, introducing to Asia the most advanced technologies already employed in the USA. 

GTT Capital has also a strong track record of investing in securities listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

The Group research arm, GTT Research, brings sophisticated, relevant insights in major markets, industries and companies in South East Asia and Europe, plus unparalleled relationships in the above countries, and access to a vast network of industry specialists and funding resources. 

GTT Research also employs a team of finance professionals who specializes in research and investments in Italy in the small medium sized enterprises which after the recent global financial crisis have not been able to access funding from the local banking sector. In addition in this respect our advisory team, among others, facilitates investment flows between Asia and Italy and assists Italian companies in positioning themselves in the strongest possible way to attract foreign capital. Our access to the vast network of decision makers put GTT Group in a privileged position to facilitate direct investments in the country.


GTT Group services
  • Acquisitions
  • Venture capital
  • Strategic advisory
  • Privatization
  • Capital restructurings
  • Take-over defence advisory
  • Fairness opinions
  • Debt restructuring advisory
  • Mezzanine Financing


Investment philosophy
Our goal is to provide superior returns to our shareholders.
Profitability is critical to achieving superior returns, building our capital, and attracting and keeping our best people. Significant employee stock ownership aligns the interests of our employees and our shareholders.
GTT works with its clients to help identify funding sources, and to formulate strategic and tactical plans to achieve their funding goals.  
We provide access to capital for companies in a variety of ways: investing our own capital, putting together a group of other investors and arranging financing through financial institutions.
We act as an “active shareholder” and facilitate the long term development of our investees.
We aim to fully exercise shareholder rights through appropriate governance procedures.
Decision making

We determine investment policies in line with the guidelines defined by the Board of Directors and Executive Committee. The Investment Committee evaluates and approves investment proposals submitted by the Investment Departments. Before submission to the Investment Committee, investment proposals are reviewed on a pre-Investment Committee meeting chaired by the Chief Investment Officer. The Investment Committee makes investment decisions independently.

Risk Management
The objective of our risk management is to put in place effective policies, mechanisms, systems and processes for investments and operations, and to maximize the company's value within an acceptable tolerance for risk. Risk management is a company-wide effort involving every business line, department and individual. It is embedded throughout the investment life cycle—from the overall portfolio to general asset classes and to specific investment strategies and sub-strategies.
We have a comprehensive risk management system to classify and manage risks, involving the Executive Committee, Risk Management Committee and relevant departments to manage all risks—market, credit, operational, liquidity, strategy, legal and compliance, reputation and country risks.